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Are the Airlines Losing Millions to This “Cheap Flights” Loophole?

Success Stories

On her husband’s 40th birthday, Summer Hull took her and her husband on an around the world trip. Starting in Houston, they visited Amsterdam, Istanbul, Maldives, and Singapore. They flew business class and paid almost nothing in flights.

Brad Wilson took his wife, four year old daughter and one year old son to Disneyland. The flights for four family members, plus the cost of luxury hotels, would have normally been over $5,000. He paid just $1.10.

David Weliver took his family of four from Portland to Texas for a wedding. In cash, those flights would have cost at least $2,000. They flew for free.

These are just some of the many Americans who are figuring out the airlines’ systems and using it to get free flights.

This Goes Beyond Known Methods To Save On Airfare

  • Buying flights on the foreign version of a website to get lower prices (for instance, Mexico’s expedia.mx instead of expedia.com.)
  • Booking flights at peak travel times, then deliberately getting bumped to a later flight in exchange for free flight vouchers.
  • Booking a 2-leg flight and skipping on the second leg. Instead of booking from San Francisco to Atlanta, book from San Francisco to Nashville with a connection in Atlanta. Get off the plane at Atlanta and save $200.

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