Cuba Travel Photos and Videos

I literally took thousands of photos during my two weeks in Havana.

Even though I am not that ‘into’ cars, all those classic antique cars driving around Havana, gives the city a super old time feel. When you mix in Colonial era buildings in various states of repair, you have one incredible visual experience!

Where The Photos Are

Facebook – I created a facebook fan page called “Old Havana Photos” @ Since my photos are in high resolution (quality), they consume a lot of space and tie to load on regular websites such as this one.

So I have uploaded them to facebook in high resolution into photo albums by category. There they are easy and fast to load up as well as share.

Old Havana Photos Website – I also created a separate “Old Havana Photos” webspace here @

This includes single informational posts like “The US President Ate Here“. These will cover each facebook photo album with small picture thumbnails that when clicked will show a larger view with fast and simple load times.

Google + – At Google I also have a personal page that includes collections of photos I have taken, including CUBA. This is a good spot to find thousands of other photos I have taken and posted from various spot in the US including, Las Vegas, Zion National Park and other National Parks & Monuments

Where The Videos Are

Youtube– I started with my favorite topic – beaches. This is the list of all the videos I took in Cuba. For an oddity check out #21 – The Santería Drum Ceremony as well as the malecon videos starting with #23.


Where Am I Staying in Cuba

cubaIn my previous research attempt to visit Cuba, I would have had to fly to some “gateway” country like Canada or Mexico and then fly discreetly to Cuba!

But now, traveling to Cuba from the US is getting to be very easy. There are currently a number of airlines that fly from all over the US to Havana.

If you are a frugal traveler like me (cheap), then the next thing you would need is a reasonably priced place to stay. But at my favorite hotel reservation site, there are currently only 29 properties listed for Cuba and 6 for Havana. The price would also run range from $1,372 to $4,788 for a 14 night stay. Clearly they have some catching up to do with the new rules.

At another reservation site the lowest priced property was a more reasonable $50 per night. But, in checking it on youtube, there was a video of the place. It looked like a storm had blown out a lot of windows which were replaced with plywood.

Airbnb to the rescue! For my 14 day stay, there were more than 300 places to stay. Success!