Cuba Travel Photos and Videos

I literally took thousands of photos during my two weeks in Havana.

Even though I am not that ‘into’ cars, all those classic antique cars driving around Havana, gives the city a super old time feel. When you mix in Colonial era buildings in various states of repair, you have one incredible visual experience!

Where The Photos Are

Facebook – I created a facebook fan page called “Old Havana Photos” @ Since my photos are in high resolution (quality), they consume a lot of space and tie to load on regular websites such as this one.

So I have uploaded them to facebook in high resolution into photo albums by category. There they are easy and fast to load up as well as share.

Old Havana Photos Website – I also created a separate “Old Havana Photos” webspace here @

This includes single informational posts like “The US President Ate Here“. These will cover each facebook photo album with small picture thumbnails that when clicked will show a larger view with fast and simple load times.

Google + – At Google I also have a personal page that includes collections of photos I have taken, including CUBA. This is a good spot to find thousands of other photos I have taken and posted from various spot in the US including, Las Vegas, Zion National Park and other National Parks & Monuments

Where The Videos Are

Youtube– I started with my favorite topic – beaches. This is the list of all the videos I took in Cuba. For an oddity check out #21 – The Santería Drum Ceremony as well as the malecon videos starting with #23.